Disputed transactions

If you find an unauthorised transaction charged to your purchase card you must dispute this as soon as possible, strict time limits apply.

When you do not agree with a charge on your card, firstly discuss it with the supplier from where the goods were purchased. If the dispute cannot be resolved you should dispute the transaction with the Bank.

How do I dispute a puchase card transaction?

Please call the ANZ Card Centre on 1800 032 481.  Ensure you have your card and transaction details available.

How will the incorrect transaction(s) be fixed?

After disputing a transaction ANZ will provide a refund within the next 5 business days.  If the merchant proves that the charge was legitimate, within 30 days of lodgement of the dispute, a correcting transaction will be processed onto the card by the ANZ.

How can I follow up on a dispute?

You can follow up the progress of your dispute at any time by calling the ANZ Card Centre on 1800 032 481.  Ensure you have your card number ready.

What is the time limit for lodging a Dispute?

90 days from the date of transaction. You must allow 45 days for a dispute to be resolved, If the merchant has not resolved your dispute with the bank , then a reversal will be automatically put through by the ANZ Bank on your card.

How do I acquit the original transaction and correcting transaction?

Once the refund has been received please reconcile both transactions against the Expense Type "Disputed Transaction/Fraud".  If the merchant demonstrates the charge was legitimate you will need to acquit this transaction against the appropriate Expense Type.  Please refer to Clearing a disputed transaction.