Stationery & Office Supplies


Following a consultative evaluation process, Winc (formerly Staples) has been selected as the University’s Preferred Supplier for Stationery and Office Supplies (from the Department of Finance’s (Finance’s) the second Whole of Australian Government (WOAG) Stationery and Office Supplies panel (SOS II)).

This arrangement has been established for the mandatory provision of the University’s stationery and office supplies.

Usage of this arrangement is mandatory for all SOS purchases made from University funds.  This is a condition of accessing this panel arrangement from the Department of Finance (Finance). Compliance with this requirement will be monitored and enforced by both ANU and Department of Finance. Items to be purchased under this arrangement (mandatory categories) are:





Desk Accessories

Bookends, Bookracks, Business Card Holders, Copy Holders, Desk Organisers, Document Trays, Office Bins, Pencil Caddies and Clipboards


Filing Supplies

Binding Components, Box Files, Cases, Dividers, Document Protectors, Document Sleeves, Document Wallets, Expanding Files, Flat Files, Index Sheets, Lateral Files, Letter Protectors, Level Arch Folders, Manila Folders, Presentation Folders, Ring Binders, Suspensions Files and Tab Inserts


General Use Copy Paper

A3, A4 and foolscap


Envelopes, Mailroom and Packaging

Bubble Wrap & Letter Openers, Mailers, Pallet Strapping, Plain Envelopes, Plastic Bags, String and Wrapping


Notebooks, Pads and Labels

Address/Telephone Books, Exercise Books, Flipcharts, Labels, Lecture Pads, Message Pads, Notebooks, Sticky Flags, Sticky Notes and Writing Pads


Office Essentials

Adhesive Mount Pads, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesives & Fastening, Calculator, Clips and Pins, Fasteners, Glue, Hole Punches, Ink, Magazine Holders, Reinforcement Rings, Reusable Adhesives, Rubber Bands, Rubber Stamps, Scissors, Stamp Pads, Staplers, and Thimbles


Writing Instruments

Correction Tools, Fountain Pens, Highlighters, Laundry Markers, Mechanical Pencils, Pencils, Pens, Permanent Markers, Rulers, Sharpeners, Whiteboard Accessories and Whiteboard Markers


Calendars, Diaries and Planners

Calendar refills, calendars, compendiums, diaries, organisers, personal planners and wall planners

Items that are not listed in the above table may be purchased from either this arrangement or other suppliers. 

Any exceptional request to purchase an item listed above outside of this arrangement should be submitted to the University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) in accordance with the ‘Exemption process’ section below.

It should be noted that Winc provide customised items (i.e. item of SOS that a Customer may require to be specifically tailored to meet their business needs). These items are provided on 'quoted' basis.

Creating an account

To create an account, please fill out the registration form (in the reference documents on this page) and send it to Winc directly at and copy (cc) UPCO at

Browsing the SOS catalogue

Staff that do not have a requirement for an account, but that would like to be able to view the University's catalogue items and pricing, can log in using the generic Browser Account to view items only. The log in details for this account are available to staff and postgraduate students only via the link at the top right of this page. It is recommended that staff/postgraduate students use this account if they are requesting items from their administration area, to avoid selecting unavailable products.

Envelopes for reply paid services

If you need to set up a reply paid mail service you will need to contact both our mail and courier service provider Australia Post and our stationery provider WINC.

Australia Post will set up the reply paid number, provide the artwork for the envelopes and provide a quote for those services. More information is available at:

You will then need to contact WINC to order envelopes, provide the supplied artwork and arrange a custom print job (please note there is a lead time of five working days from when the approved artwork is supplied). WINC has provided costs for various quantities of reply paid envelopes, but please note that these prices are indicative only and will need to be confirmed. The contact at WINC is our Account Manager Rupert Winkler -

Box of 100 $125.55 (GST inclusive)

DL Envelope 229mm x 324mm

Box of 250 $144.73 (GST inclusive)

DL Envelope 229mm x 324mm

Box of 500 $164.22 (GST inclusive)

DL Envelope 229mm x 324mm

Box of 1000 $206.17 (GST inclusive)

DL Envelope 229mm x 324mm

Exemption process

A request to purchase a SOS or Office Furniture item outside of this arrangement will need to be submitted as an exemption request.  An exemption request must be submitted, in writing by email to UPCO for approval before any non-complying purchase can be made. UPCO facilitates the exemption process on behalf of the University to ensure appropriate justification for presentation to the Department of Finance. Approval within two (2) business days is expected. 

Welcome Guide/Training Material

A welcome guide/training material has been devised by the University in conjunction with Winc which outlines the new arrangement. The welcome guide can be found in the reference documents on this page.

Ordering online

Orders for SOS should be made through Winc’s on-line ordering system NetXpress.

Any orders not able to made through NetXpress (e.g. customised items including customised furniture) should be made by contacting Winc directly on 1800 092 273.

Purchase orders/Invoicing

The Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) process a consolidated monthly account for Winc as such, there is no requirement to create purchase orders for any purchase made through Winc.  Raising purchase orders creates encumbrances that cannot be cleared as there are no single invoices generated.

Stationery purchases during travel

It is understood that there will be times during fieldwork or travel that stationery may be required.  Stationery may be purchased in such instances outside of this arrangement as an incidental travel expense.  The purchaser is required to document these purchases.

When to contact Winc

If you have any queries in relation to products, orders, backorders, delivery issues, changes to charge codes or approvers, please contact Winc via email at or by phone on 1800 092 273 For all other queries please contact the University Procurement and Contracts Office (details below).

University contact

If you have any queries or general questions, please contact:

Contracts Administrator