Procurement Support

Procurement Support

The University Procurement & Contracts Office (UPCO) provides advice relating to procurement and contract management processes across the University. UPCO also undertakes procurement processes on behalf of the University, manages whole of University contracts, and can assist University staff in undertaking these functions to achieve the best value for money outcome, efficiently and effectively manage contracts, and comply with the University Procurement Policy.

If you require any assistance regarding procurement or contracts please contact us at

Procurement Complaints

In order to ensure administrative transparency, UPCO has a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory complaints handling procedure for procurement processes.

Process for lodgement

Should an organisation or individual wish to lodge a dispute or complaint about a procurement process, they should do so by advising in writing to the University's Contact Officer for that process and the Contact Officer and their manager will make all attempts to resolve the matter.
The complainant should provide details of the dispute or complaint being lodged, including:

•    a clear statement regarding the complaint with the tendering process;
•    copies of, or references to, information to support the complaint; and
•    a statement as to what the complainant wishes to achieve from the complaint process.

The Contact Officer or their manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 5 working days of receiving the complaint. If further correspondence or information is required, the complainant will be given no less than 15 working days to respond unless the matter is urgent.

The University will advise the complainant of the decision in writing within 15 working days of receiving all written correspondence relating to a complaint.

Process for review

If the complainant is not satisfied with the University's response then an independent internal review of the complaint may be requested.

The internal review officer will promptly notify the complainant in writing to advise of their appointment and the expected time frame for making the internal review decision. The notice will also include any request for further information that may be required to conduct the review. The complainant will be given no less than 15 working days to provide any further information unless the matter is urgent.

The internal review officer will notify the complainant in writing of the decision within the timeframe specified in the original notice.

Where the complainant is not satisfied with internal review findings a complaint may be lodged with the Commonwealth Ombudsman.