Portt Contract Management System and List of University Wide Contracts

Portt Contract Management System

The University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) has entered into a contract with Single Cell Mobile Consulting Pty Ltd trading as Portt for the development and implementation of a contract management system to allow for improved oversight of the University’s contracts, support improved contract management activities, generate accurate reporting and reduce the University’s risk exposure.

Portt is a sourcing, contract and supplier management platform. Configured for the University, the Portt platform takes our contracts and uses management workflows, supplier evaluations and a detailed level of reporting to turn them into strategic business assets.

The URL link to the Portt Contract Management System is https://anu.portt.cloud/.

Should you require access to the Portt Contract Management System please email us at contracts.office@anu.edu.au to obtain and activate your access.

List of University Wide Contracts

The University has entered into contractual arrangements with relevant supplier/s for a range of University wide services and has negotiated favourable terms, conditions and rates for the University. To ensure these benefits are realised, University staff should use these arrangements for business purposes wherever possible. In addition there may be additional benefits available to staff personally - please check the staff benefits section for further details.

Contract Supplier Managed by Contact
Courier Services DHL Express UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Mailroom and Courier Services Australia Post UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Scientific supplies      
Chemicals, General Plasticware, Glassware, Miscellaneous Labratory Products, and Life Science Products

Bio-Strategy (formerly VWR International)


Thermo Fisher Scientific



UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Hazardous and Chemical Waste Daniel's Health UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Gas, Liquid Nitrogen, and Vessel Maintenance BOC UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Office Furniture Alpha Office UPCO


Office Furniture Direct Ergonomics UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Office Furniture Schiavello UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Office Furniture Sturdy UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Stationery, Office Supplies and Furniture Winc UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Office Furniture Winya UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Office Furniture Zenith UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Multi-Function Devices, Network Printers, Scanners and Facsimile Machines Konica Minolta (MFDs and printers) UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Vehicle Acquisition, Maintenance and Fuel Card SGFleet UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Vehicle and Equipment Disposal Pickles UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Carshare Scheme GoGet UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Customs Clearance DB Schenker UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Cash in Transit Wilsons Security UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Qantas Corporate Airfares Agreement Qantas Airways Limited UPCO


Virgin Australia Corporate Air Travel Services Agreement Virgin Australia Airlines UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Airline services - Singapore Airlines Local Corporate Travel Programme Agreement

Singapore Airlines

UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Travel management services



BusinessTravel by STA Travel 

UPCO contracts.office@anu.edu.au
Banking services 
Banking services ANZ F&BS patrick.price@anu.edu.au
Managed by other areas
Cleaning ISS Facilities & Services fs.building.cleaning@anu.edu.au
Waste SUEZ Australia Facilities & Services waste@anu.edu.au
Security - Guard Services Wilson Security Facilities & Services security@anu.edu.au
External Audit Services - HERDC, A-133 and Project Grant Acquittals PricewaterhouseCoopers Governance



Business Intelligence Analytical Services - Standing Offer Panel Various PPM director.planning@anu.edu.au
Microsoft Select Agreement Microsoft /Dell ITS contracts.its@anu.edu.au
IT Desktops and Laptops Dell ITS contracts.its@anu.edu.au
IT Desktops and Laptops Apple ITS contracts.its@anu.edu.au
Mobile Phones Telstra ITS contracts.its@anu.edu.au
Other Facilities and Maintenance Services


Facilities & Services fs.clientservices@anu.edu.au
Other IT Goods and Services   ITS contracts.its@anu.edu.au