Major Office Machines

Konica Minolta is the University’s Preferred Supplier for the supply, maintenance and consumables of/for multi-function devices (MFDs), network printers, facsimile machines and scanners (from the Department of Finance’s second Whole of Australian Government (WOAG) Major Office Machines Panel (MOMs II))

Use of this contract is mandatory for the purchase of all major office machines. Compliance with the mandatory requirement of this arrangement will be monitored and enforced by both the University and the Department of Finance.


Devices are tracked on a serial code basis. It is essential that changes in ownership or responsibility of devices, or to General Ledger Codes, are identified to



Major Office Machines Scope and Definitions

The categories of equipment included under this arrangement are:

  •          Small, medium and large monochrome network printers;
  •          Small and medium colour network printers;
  •          Small, medium and large monochrome and colour MFDs;
  •          Benchtop monochrome and colour MFDs;
  •          A4, A3 and High Resolution Scanners.

The arrangement also covers ongoing services and consumables costs in the form of impression charges (or 'per click' charges) or yearly maintenance fees (only available for printers).


Out of Scope Equipment

Out of scope equipment includes:

  •         Production equipment;
  •          Print room equipment;
  •          Printers incapable of being networked;
  •          Inkjet devices; and
  •          Plotters.

Any out of scope equipment can be purchased under the University's procurement policy. Any equipment that fits the category descriptions above but is believed to be out of scope requires confirmation and approval from UPCO. For approvals for out of scope equipment please email

Order Placement

A separate MOMs order form is no longer required for simple purchases from Konica Minolta.  The order process is limited to a Purchase Order which will contain all of the necessary information. Please refer to the simplified order process below:

Simplified Order Process

  1. Identify your requirements here.
  2. Consult with Konica Minolta's representative and obtain a quote here.
  3. Raise an ANU Purchase Order (PO) using the Purchase Order form in the Reference Documents on this page.
  4. Send PO to Konica Minolta at
  5. Contact the ServiceDesk to arrange set up for the new product once you have received an installation date.
  6. Once the equipment is received an email must be sent to providing the serial number of the equipment and the general ledger charge code which the monthly click charges are to be charged to.

The Purchase Order

The Purchase Order from the University to Konica Minolta will provide, as a minimum, the following information:

  1. Unique Purchase Order Number;
  2. Reference that the Purchase Order is issued under the Contract Order ANU18-010 and Head Agreement reference ICTD0057;
  3. Details of the Agency site/s to which the MOMs Product/s are to be delivered and installed;
  4. Agency Point of Contact (POC) for each site;
  5. Details of MOMs Products required;
  6. Charges/charge codes for the MOMs Products;
  7. The agreement period, with the start date being the date of delivery and acceptance of the goods/services by the Agency; and Details of any end-of-life devices that are required to be collected and disposed in accordance with agreed processes. Details shall include as a minimum the model number and serial number of the device/s.
  8. Once completed the purchase order should be sent to your local purchasing area.
  9. Once the equipment is received an email must be sent to providing the serial number of the equipment and the general ledger charge code which the monthly click charges are to be charged to.


As a condition of the MOMs arrangement, maintenance must be purchased for all printers and MFDs.

Printers may be purchased either under an impression charge arrangement or with a yearly maintenance fee, which must be purchased for the life cycle of the machine (to a maximum of five (5) years). 

MFDs must be purchased under the impression charge arrangement, which is typically for a period of five (5) years (minimum three (3) years).

Scanners receive free maintenance for the first year and can be extended if the device owner elects to do so.

Consumables Ordering and Lead Times

Konica Minolta devices automatically order consumables, as required, via the Konica Minolta OPS system. Orders for toner will be automatically placed when the toner reaches 20-30% remaining capacity. Drum units will be ordered as they approach end of life.

Consumables take approximately one (1) week to arrive: if you have not received toner within one (1) week of low toner notifications appearing on your device, please contact the Konica Minolta helpdesk on 1300 589 512 - Option 1.

If you are unsure whether your device is reporting to the Konica Minolta OPS system, please contact If you have an urgent requirement for consumables, please contact .

Invoicing Procedures

All equipment purchased under the MOMs agreement will be invoiced directly to the area that has purchased and taken delivery of the equipment.  The associated purchase order will close when payment is processed against it and an asset will be created by Financial Shared Services if required.

Impression charges and service costs will be invoiced centrally to the University Procurement and Contracts Office. The charges are then allocated based on the device serial number. It is therefore essential that changes in ownership/responsibility of devices, or to budget codes (GLCs), are identified to


Konica Minolta offers disposal services for devices under MOMs I free of charge. If devices are five (5) years old and are no longer under MOMs I, a charge applies.

Devices that are under the new MOMs II will incur a disposal fee of approx. $100 (ex. GST) for in-contract devices or $500 (ex. GST) for out-of-contract devices.

Please refer to the contact details below. Disposals can also be made through the University's waste provider. Contact for more information.


Konica Minolta’s relocation costs are broken into multiple parts i.e.

  1. Pick up
  2. Transport
  3. Drop off
  4. Difficult moves
  5. Stairs or steps

A typical relocation job for the University consists of a pick-up and drop-off, these are charged at $105.00 ex CAF (Central Administration Fee) each.

Contact Details

Konica Minolta contact details are:

Att: Mr Wayne Fraser Phone: 02 6206 6517  Fax: 02 6280 6555  Mobile: 0418 649 089


For any further information concerning this arrangement please contact: