Sending courier items & obtaining building numbers

How do I send a courier item?

  1. Contact University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) by emailing
  2. Prepare item to send
  3. Documents required (booked through MyDHL or AusPost/StarTrack)
    • Mail Warrant (Authorised)
    • Consignment Note (Completed)
    • Customs Declaration (Proforma Invoice)
    • Dangerous Goods Forms (If Required)
  4. Attach all documentation
  5. Place items in the allocated bag
  6. Arrange for courier to pick up and despatched.

How can I ascertain someone's building number?/How do I update my mailing details?

You can check your own or someone else's mailing details by running a search of the Phone List from the ANU Internal Home Page. This will supply such details as name, number, building number and Department. You can update your own details by firstly, running a search of the Phone List for your own details, then click on the "Make Changes" button. Please keep your details updated, as information will be used by the ANU Mail Room staff to locate you on campus and thus deliver your mail.