Insurance overview

The Insurance Office works closely with ANU colleges, business areas, affiliates and its broker to identify emerging risks and changes in the University's activities to ensure adequate insurance coverage is sourced and maintained, and that all claims are managed in an efficient and effective manner.

Notifiable Events and ongoing reporting

All ANU staff, students, honorary members, volunteers, visitors, contractors and affiliates are required to notify the insurance office of:

  • Circumstance or event which might result in a claim made against the ANU. Failure to report a potential claim places the University at risk of not being covered by the insurer in the event the claim materialises. Examples of notifiable events are suspected fraudulent activity by an employee, accidental pollution in a lab or injury sustained on University grounds by a member of the public
  • Major acquisitions that may significantly increase the declared values or assets; for example the handover of a new building from a contractor to the ANU
  • Any substantial change in the University's activities. If it is proposed to undertake an activity that is not currently an established activity, the Insurance Office must be contacted to seek confirmation from the Insurer that they are prepared to extend cover for the activity

The information provided on this web site is intended as a summary and specific enquiries should be directed to the insurance office.