Purchase delegation basics

  1. The staff member generating a purchase of an item is the source of the most useful and relevant information in determining the correct processing of a purchase. Communication of this information is most important and lack of effective communication of this detail is why most errors occur.
  2. Remember this when you are generating expenditure and the resulting paperwork for processing.
  3. Help the AP Processor and Asset Manager by providing relevant information including:
    1. An appropriate description for the item being purchased.
    2. A brief description of what the equipment is to be used for – to assist in categorising it.
    3. The physical location of where the item will be situated. For example, Building 45, 2nd Floor, Room 218.
    4. Is the item an addition to an existing asset – if so which asset.
    5. Is the item part of the construction of an asset – if so identify the construction project to which the item relates.