Non-capital portable and attractive items

  1. What items <$5,000 should be recorded on the ESP Assets Management System (AMS) under the non-capital book? 
    Things like digital cameras, laptops and desktop PCs (under $5,000), other electrical equipment of portable and attractive (P&A) significance.
  2. That is, equipment costing less than $5,000 which through attractiveness for private use is considered by business officers to be prone to misappropriation, may be recorded on the AMS under the NON-CAPITAL Profile.
  3. Record the item description, physical location, custodian, serial numbers etc – cost is not required.
  4. As you cannot use S/Q/E Fund codes within the AMS, you will need to hold funded non-capital items, within the corresponding R fund code. For example, a non-capital item funded out of S2451001, would be 'held' in R24510.
  5. Remember non-capital items are NOT assets, so the $ value has no impact or interface with the general ledger, as these costs have been expensed.
  6. Most non-capital equipment purchases go through the 51xx expense account codes.
  7. Budget units are asked to begin the recording of newly acquired non-capital Items in the AMS under NON-CAPITAL, from 1/1/2006 at the very least.
  8. As time permits, construct a list of all previously acquired non-capital items. F&BS are looking at a way of bulk uploading this data into ESP. In the meantime, budget units should construct a list in an Excel spreadsheet with at least the description, location code, serial number, barcode number and responsible staff member (if applicable) of each item.
  9. A stocktake of P&A items would be regularly required.
  10. Disposal of non-capital items - best practice would be to use the Asset Disposal NON-CAPITALform. (Signed and retained by business office).