Impact on you

Supporting a student who is experiencing emotional distress or exhibiting acute self-harm or suicidal behaviours can in turn affect your own mental and emotional health. It can be helpful to talk with your supervisor or to consult with the Counselling Centre about how you assisted the student and how that has affected you.

Some signs that indicate it may be useful for you to talk to someone include:

  • Thinking or talking about a particular student more than usual.
  • Experiencing strong emotions about the student that you helped.
  • Not being able to move on from the event or from the student you helped.
  • Seeking professional support for yourself can help you process and understand what happened.

Staff can arrange to speak to the Adviser to Staff or one of the external Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers.

If you are a staff member and have been involved in a critical event (as detailed above), please complete the online incident notification form and notify your supervisor.

Students can arrange to talk to someone from the Counselling Centre.