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eForms at ANU

Over the last few years ANU has been replacing the old, time consuming, manual paper processes with fully integrated eForm solutions. Some of the key functionalities and benefits of eForms include:

  • fields pre-populate with data stored in the Student Administration system;
  • selection options tailored by policy-based criteria;
  • the flow of eForms between the student and relevant university staff is automatically managed;
  • eForms automatically send notifications and reminders about deadlines;
  • output and summary documents of all completed processes are automatically pushed to the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)
  • eForms can be completed anywhere students have internet access
  • easy progress tracking through Insight Reporting; and
  • eForms facilitate better data quality by prompting students to check that their information is current.

Support guides and videos:

Support videos and documentation can be found on the following support pages:

Further Support

All eForms include links to applicable policy to facilitate self-help by students and academic staff. If further assistance is required, the primary points of contact for students will be:

  • HDR Administrators (HDR Students only)
  • College Administrators
  • Student Central

If further support is required regarding policies or procedures relating to the eForm, you can contact the appropriate Subject Matter Expert group within DSA:

If students are unsure what stage a submitted eForm is at, they can review the status via ISIS. Alternatively, administrative staff can check eForm status via Insight Reports.