Internal Sponsorships

The Student Finance Office also sets up internal sponsorships for various teaching areas of the ANU. If a particular area within the ANU wishes to sponsor a student, then they can do so by completing the Notification for Internal Sponsorship Form. An internal sponsorship can be set up to cover the entire or a part of the student's domestic and international tuition fees (DTF and ISF), HECS and overseas student health cover (OSHC) premium.

The purpose of the Notification of Internal Sponsorship Form is to establish an agreement, whereby the relevant individual or area (School or College) agrees to the responsibility of sponsored tuition fees. The forms will need to be submitted to in order for the Student Finance Office team to assess and apply the sponsorships in Student Administration system.

Please note that:

  • It is mandatory to fill the Notification of Internal Sponsorship Form, and ensure relevant delegate signatures are provided. We will not accept incomplete forms. Please note that we would also not accept e-mails/memos/letters, instead of the Notification of Internal Sponsorship Form.
  • The sponsorships can only be setup in the Student Administration system for a particular teaching period, including academic year (e.g. 2015) or teaching sessions (e.g. 2520, 2530, 2450...). Sponsorships cannot be set up by a date or time range. Please nominate the sessions required in the notification of sponsorship forms.

  • The sponsorship cannot be set up for a particular course. The teaching areas can sponsor a student for the entire fees or they can nominate a maximum amount for a particular teaching session.

  • The relevant area would be charged through journal entries to the College as soon as the sponsorship is linked in the Student Administration system. Colleges and schools are not required to make any actual payments for the sponsored students.
  • Invoices are not generated for students who are covered by internal sponsorships. The Colleges/School can contact their internal finance areas to confirm if and when charges have been applied against relevant charge code.
  • The form should be completed and forwarded to the before the census date.
  • If you wish to sponsor a student for the OSHC policy, please wait for the Admissions office to issue an eCoE to the student.
  • If an internal sponsorship is to be withdrawn for a student, then the relevant area will need to contact Student Finance Office as soon as possible, so that the sponsorship can be delinked.