International Student Emergency Aid


International student emergency aid (ISEA) is intended for those continuing international students who have found themselves in financial hardship due to a change in their financial circumstances.

All applicants must provide evidence of real and unexpected hardship that puts their continuing enrolment at the University in jeopardy. The award of grants under this scheme would be need based and students can apply for a one-off grant of up to A$3,000.

Please note that ISEA:

  • is meant to resolve a problem that is one-off, unforeseen and non-recurring in nature
  • will only be awarded if the money received from the grant can completely rectify the situation in question
  • cannot be used to pay tuition fees
  • is not designed to assist recently enrolled students, as in accordance with student visa requirements, it is the responsibility of all international students to plan for and to fund their tuition and living expenses.   


An international student is eligible to apply for an ISEA grant provided the student: 

  • is the holder of a current student visa
  • is completing their program by being enrolled in a full time equivalent load in their final year of study
  • has been enrolled at the ANU for at least one year
  • has previously paid their fees by the due date
  • has demonstrated successful progress throughout their academic program
  • has a letter of support from their supervisor if a PhD student
  • does not hold an international postgraduate research scholarships, an ANU student scholarship, an Australia Awards scholarship, or a similar scholarship that meets both tuition and living expenses.
  • is able to demonstrate the necessity for the grant by explaining their change in financial circumstances.

How to apply

Students will be required to complete the application for ISEA and provide all the supporting documentation mentioned in the form. Students will also be required to sign a statement attesting that the information supplied is true, complete and correct. In applying for financial assistance, a student gives permission to the University to investigate the authenticity of all the details provided by them. 

Please note that we cannot pre-assess any applications. All students are advised to read the eligibility criteria carefully to determine if they are eligible to apply for the grant.

All applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Recommendations will be made for the award of this grant to the Registrar of Student Life and the Registrar's decision is final.

Students will be advised about the outcome of their application by e-mail within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application.