eForms Staff Support

What are eForms?

eForms are 'smart' web-based forms which are capable of facilitating key processes by:

  • Pre-populating fields with data stored in the Student Administration System;
  • Limiting availability of options to students based on policy-based criteria;
  • Managing the flow of forms between the student and relevant university staff to ensure outcome (workflow);
  • Automatically sending notifications and reminders for tasks that are due;
  • Creating output and summary documents of all completed processes and automatically pushing them to the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS).

What the eForms will mean for staff

  • Students will be capable of completing eForms anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer, the ANU website, and possess their ISIS login details;
  • eForms will facilitate a number of previously manual tasks, such as populating data from the student administration system; tracking eForm progress (Using Insight Reporting);
  • Automatically remind students of upcoming events, such as HDR Milestone due dates - this will assist in driving compliance within the Colleges;
  • eForms will limit actions students can undertake, as they are built to control the options available in accordance with university policy (i.e. the eForm will not allow students to add courses after census date);
  • The system is dependent on accurate and complete data in the Student Administration System (SAS). Incorrect data can cause issues with the eForm, such as being sent to the wrong approval chain;
  • Facilitate better data quality - students will see SAS data each time they complete an eForm and be prompted to update their details in ISIS if incorrect.


The eForms have been built with links and references to applicable policy to facilitate self-help by students and academic staff. If further assistance is required, the primary points of contact for students will be:

  • HDR Administrators (HDR Students only)
  • College Administrators
  • Student Central

If further support is required with regards to the policies or procedures around which the eForms were built, you can contact the appropriate Subject Matter Expert group within DSA:

If students are unsure what stage a submitted eForm is at, they can review the status via ISIS. Alternatively, administrative staff can check where the eForms are at via Insight Reports.

Notification of Intent to Submit Milestone Support Videos

Accompanying the new Notification of Intent to Submit a Thesis Milestone, included in release 2 of the HDR Examinations and Thesis Submission Project, a series of support videos are available as guidance for students and staff. The first video is an overview and the subsequent videos provide more detail on the three sections of the eForm workflow

Overview Video:

Video A - Notification of Intent to Submit - Candidate and Primary Supervisor:

Video B - Nomination of Examiners - HDR Admin, Primary Supervisor and Delegated Authority:

Video C - Final Approvals and Processing - Associate Dean, Dean HDR, Examinations Office:

Notification of Intent to Submit Simplified Workflow (PDF, 158.3 KB)