Analytics for Lifelong Learning Competencies: Aligning Pedagogy, Human-Centred Design & University Strategy

When: 18th November 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00pm - Time change due to flight delay
Where: Marie Reay building, room 3.03, Kambri

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Simon Buckingham Shum

Professor of Learning Informatics & Director, Connected Intelligence Centre
University of Technology Sydney


Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics at the University of Technology Sydney, where serves as inaugural director of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC), launched in 2014. Prior to this, he was Professor of Learning Informatics and Associate Director (Technology) at the UK Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute. He brings a background in Psychology, Ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction, and a career-long fascination with making thinking visible using software. He has been active in shaping the field of Learning Analytics (i.e. data science for education), and co-founded the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). His books include Visualizing Argumentation, Knowledge Cartography and Constructing Knowledge Art.  


Educational systems spanning lifelong/lifewide learning are in transition, seeking ways to track progress on transferable competencies, in addition to conventional literacies and curriculum. Learning Analytics – done well – bring the power of data science and human-centred design to educational data, while AI enables new forms of timely formative assessment and feedback.

In our work at UTS, we are developing human-centred processes that engage researchers, developers, educators and learners in co-designing data-driven tools. Our focus is on how Analytics/AI enable new kinds of personalised, formative feedback at scale, with a strategic focus on building transferable competencies such as critical thinking and professional reflection (as evidenced in writing), collocated teamwork (e.g. nursing teams), self-regulation (e.g. personalised coaching large undergraduate cohorts), and lifelong learning dispositions.

Tools are integrated into teaching practice and aligned with curriculum outcomes. I will argue that it is hard to provide this level of stakeholder agency without in-house R&D capacity, so I will also describe the modus operandi of the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC), located in the Office of the DVC Education & Students. CIC provides UTS with a distinctive capability from its mix of researchers, PhD students, interns, data scientists, UX designers and educational technologists. CIC’s mission to work in close partnership with UTS educators, researchers and professional business operations distinguishes it from typical faculty-based research centres.

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