iLEAP goals and accountability areas


  1. Enhance large-cohort learning and teaching quality through intensive course redesign to meet interactive learning principles, as measured by the number of courses   
  2. Be the best public University for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching quality, as measured by the 2022 QILT  
  3. Be the best G08 University for undergraduate and postgraduate learner engagement, as measured by the 2022 QILT  
  4. Reduce the number of large cohort courses with SELT scores below 60% 
  5. Strengthen our national leadership in the Higher Education Academy Fellowship Scheme, as measured by the number of HEA Fellows 

Key accountability areas

  • Incentivising and supporting the use of a broad range of high-quality interactive learning activities designed specifically for the course content;  
  • Providing intensive support to teaching academics, especially in large courses with over 100 students, to redesign courses and course delivery with a focus on enhancing student engagement; 
  • Promoting student-centred learning and leveraging digital technologies;  
  • Providing support, professional development, peer-mentoring and recognition of excellence; 
  • Building confidence through implementing the Partnership Framework, a collaborative operational model involving central, colleges and students; and, 
  • Evaluating the impact of interactive learning projects and the effectiveness of the overarching hub and spokes model. 

iLEAP will enhance learning outcomes for students, improve culture and performance of academics, and align resources and processes of learning and teaching functions across the University.  

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