iLEAP Course Development Projects

iLEAP aims to ‘Build and Sustain Excellence in Learning and Teaching’ through intensive course redesign projects as well as all-staff capacity building and support through activities. ILEAP will work with innovative teachers and high-performing courses to test and extend interactive learning formats. The innovations that are tested, refined and implemented in these courses will inform the future of interactive learning at ANU.  

iLEAP course development projects are identified by Colleges to meet local education objectives. Course conveners and the teaching team are supported by iLEAP education designers and Interactive Learning Fellows to redevelop aspects of the course. Course projects typically occur over the six months between teaching periods for a semester-based course. iLEAP provides up to $5,000 to support course conveners to engage in projects, for example for: 

  • research or teaching relief to free up the course convener to work on the project; 
  • a senior tutor or similar who can take carriage of the project under general guidance of the course convener;
  • tutors, practitioners, industry experts or similar to develop resources for the course;
  • students from the previous offering of the course to provide expert insight to the learning experience.

In Semester 2, 2019, ANU Colleges are piloting the course redevelopment project process in these courses:


BIOL1003 Biology 1: Evolution, Ecology and Genetics -
ENVS1001 Environment and Society: Geography of Sustainability -
ENVS1003 Introduction to Environmental and Social Research

An extension course for first-year students taking the Honours Pathway Option (HPO). The interdisciplinary cohort of students explore a common problem from multiple perspectives and delve deep to provide solutions.

Team work: Juliey Beckman, Craig Strong, Scott Rickard and Jeremy Smith

BIOL1003 - Course overview
ENVS1001 - Course overview
ENVS1003 - Course overview


COMP1100 Programming as Problem Solving + COMP1130

More details coming soon

COMP1130 - Course overview


CRIM1001 The Criminological Imagination: Theory and Understanding

How would you design a crime-free society? Students in CRIM1001 will attempt to solve the problem of crime by creating boutique societies, replete with institutions, governments, and policies informed by a range of criminological theories.

Team work: Jason Payne, Kelly Frame and Will Scates Frances 

CRIM1001 - Course overview


CRWF7900 Graduate Academic and Research Skills for Public Policy

Developing academic and research skills, and building a sense of community with local and overseas masters students who are unable to attend intensive on-campus courses.

Team work: Anna Maldoni, Mark Badger, Claire Brooks, Emmaline Lear and Stephen Dann

CRWF7900 - Course overview


DIPL2000 Leadership and Diplomacy

Improving the logistics for interactive learning in a course that has tripled its enrolments.

Team work: Geoffrey Wiseman, Craig Hanks, Bhavani Kannan, Claire Brooks and Anneka Ferguson

DIPL2000 - Course overview


ENGN2300 Engineering Design 2: Systems Approaches for Design

More details coming soon

ENGN2300 - Course overview


LAWS1203 & LAWS6103: Torts

Teaching hundreds of students across multiple cohorts in a blended environment. LAWS1203/6103 offers diverse students a differentiated and interactive learning experience through the innovative use of technology, collaborative activities, and a healthy dose of competition.

Team work: Jolyon Ford, Kelly Frame and Will Scates Frances

LAWS1203 - Course overview
LAWS6103 - Course overview


MEDI8011: Medicine 1A (Foundations)

Developing a scaffolded approach that eases students into teamwork and problem-solving techniques ahead of the main Problem-Based Learning approach of the program.

Team work: Karin Messerle, Alex Webb, Scott Rickard and Jenny Simmons

MEDI8011 - Course overview


STST1003 - Coping with Crisis: The Practice of International Security

Developing a framework for simulations, role play and scenarios to deepen and broaden student engagement in security courses.

Team work: Brendan Taylor, Cameron Hawker and Claire Brooks

STST1003 - Course overview

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