Interactive Learning Scholars

The Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP) partners with the ANU Colleges to develop and realise distinctive ANU approaches to interactive learning at scale. Each semester, Colleges select courses to engage in iLEAP course development projects, supporting course conveners to develop and realise new approaches to social interaction for learning in large enrolment courses.

The Interactive Learning Scholarship scheme is a mechanism to incorporate students as partners in iLEAP course development projects. Interactive Learning Scholars report to the course convener, and work closely and collaboratively with all members of the iLEAP course development project team.

The purpose of this Scholarship scheme is to engage students as expert learners in course review and development, along with course conveners, teaching staff, and iLEAP staff. Interactive Learning Scholars will also engage with the ANU community as ambassadors for social interaction in learning at scale.

Scholars will contribute to course development projects according to the requirements of the project, for example:

  • Provide a student perspective on the learning challenges in the course
  • Collaborate with staff to devise solutions, design new learning activities, and/or develop new learning resources
  • Review and/or trial new learning activities
  • Liaise with the broader student body to champion interactive learning and gather feedback

Benefits of being an Interactive Learning Scholar

Contributing to an iLEAP course development project as an Interactive Learning Scholar will benefit students in future offerings of the course, as well as the scholar. Some key benefits for the scholar include:

  • Developing your understanding of and skills in education design and development.
  • Gaining professional teamwork and communication skills.
  • Deepening your understanding of specific course topics
  • Contributing to the learning experience of other students.

Chosen scholars will be typically students who have completed the course. The course convener will identify the role for the Scholar, in consultation with the course development project team and the ADE.



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