Interactive Learning Fellowship

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The Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP) aims to leverage the social dynamics of learning by creating more high quality interactive learning experiences across the university. iLEAP will work closely with course conveners, teaching teams, and students to redesign large enrolment courses for interactive learning at scale. Find out more about iLEAP and its goals under the Interactive learning section.

Fellowship details:

Position Dimension & relationships

The position is located in the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) portfolio. Fellows will report to the Director, Interactive Learning and will work closely and collaboratively with relevant College Associate Dean Education/Student Experience, College-based education support staff, ANU Online and CHELT.

The role involves a commitment to the hub and spokes organizational structure of iLEAP. The position will entail strong engagement in University education networks, to integrate efforts and build critical mass in progressing the agenda of iLEAP. Course design and development projects will take a student partnership approach and incorporate 360-degree formative feedback processes.

As part of their role as an ambassador for social interaction in learning at scale, Fellows will engage with students as partners and contribute cooperatively to the overall education community their College and the University. The Fellows will be supported to leverage their Fellowship towards career progression, through documenting their work to contribute to a HEA application or other higher education qualification.

The Fellowship will provide salary funding for 0.4 FTE to 1 FTE, to enable sufficient time to devote to activities supporting the iLEAP. Resources to achieve specific outcomes will be provided as part of standard iLEAP resourcing. The length of the appointments will be for six to 12 months, to be determined on a case by case basis.

Role statement

Specific duties include:

  • Champion the cause of interactive learning in large enrolment classes;
  • Lead a team in the redevelopment of a course to incorporate interactive learning at scale;
  • Expand the profile and impact of established ANU interactive learning practice within ANU and more broadly, for example through published research;
  • Promote exploration of interactive learning options across disciplines and College networks; and
  • Contribute to strategic thinking in education development.

The Fellows will work with the Director, Interactive Learning, the Associate Deans of Education, academic course conveners, teaching teams, students and other members of the iLEAP team to drive transformation of large enrolment courses to leverage social interaction for enhancing learner engagement and achievement.

Interested educators are encouraged to submit:

  • a maximum 2-page expression of interest outlining the project or projects they would like to undertake during their tenure as an Interactive Learning Fellow; and
  • a copy of their CV.

Short listed candidates will be invited to produce a full project proposal based on discussions with their College Associate Deans Education/Student Experience and Director, Interactive Learning.

Proposals should include the intended Fellowship duration (6 to 12 months) and FTE proportion (0.4 to 1).

Selection criteria

  1. Demonstrated ability to design, develop and transform courses to incorporate social interaction and to facilitate interactive learning experiences at scale;
  2. Demonstrated ability to work within a broader agenda and in a team context, relative to opportunity;
  3. Excellent oral and written English or other language skills, highly-developed inter-personal skills and a demonstrated ability to communicate, collaborate and interact effectively with a variety of staff and students in a complex, interdisciplinary environment and to foster respectful, productive and inclusive working relationships with staff, students and colleagues at all levels;
  4. A proven capacity to achieve against the selection principles outlined below; and
  5. Demonstrated personal attributes as outlined below.

Selection principles

The successful Fellows will demonstrate the leadership capacity and capability needed for the future state. They will be offered learning and development opportunities and mentoring and support to succeed in their role. Co-operative and constructive collaboration in learning and teaching is fundamental to the iLEAP. Therefore, Fellows will be selected on the basis of the following principles:

  • Each Fellow will be an exemplar of the cultural values we are seeking to create
  • Each Fellow will make a unique contribution to expanding and improving social interaction in learning and teaching at the University;
  • Each Fellow will actively participate in learning and in assisting others to learn and develop; and
  • Each Fellow will dare to imagine a different future for ANU education, and seek to shape our University to make that future.

Personal attributes

  • Highly developed inter-personal skills, with an ethical commitment to respectful and inclusive communication;
  • Strategic thinking and highly advanced problem solving;
  • Well-developed networks, relative to opportunity;
  • Collaborative leadership and working style;
  • Agile and flexible thinking; 
  • A commitment to continuous improvement;
  • A strong interest in and capacity for transformation within the disciplines and within the operating environment of the university;
  • A willingness to challenge the status quo and design and work in alternative structures;
  • Highly self-reflective with a strong orientation to personal growth; and
  • A strong value-based commitment to measured risk-taking to purpose.
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