Outbound global opportunities

With over 160 exchange partners around the world, Global Programs offers ANU students the opportunity to study overseas for part of their degree. Students do not pay tuition fees at their host university while on an exchange semester, but continue to pay their ANU tuition fees.

Students wishing to study at a university which is not an ANU partner university will need to apply for a study abroad program. Study abroad allows students to complete courses overseas and count them towards their ANU degree. International fees are paid directly to the host university by the student. Study abroad is open to domestic and international students enrolled in a program of study at ANU.

ANU offers a range of financial assistance options to students wishing to going on exchange or a study abroad program, such as OS-Helptravel grants and scholarshipsWestpac Asian exchange scholarships and New Colombo Plan scholarships.

Students looking for an authentic overseas study experience without a long-term commitment can opt for a short-term study opportunity such as a study tour, a Summer/Winter school program or an in-country language course. Lasting from two to six weeks, short-term programs are usually organised and arranged financially by the students.

Some short-term opportunities taking place in the Indo-Pacific region can be financed by ANU through the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program (NCP). For more information, please refer to our Short Programs page.