Inbound global opportunities

The Global Programs team administers the reciprocal component of student exchange agreements, that is, receiving students from partner institutions who are enrolling as exchange students, or fee-paying non-award students (study abroad). 

Students enrolled at one of our partner universities may apply to study at ANU as an exchange student. Tuition fees continue to be paid to the home university during the exchange period.

Global Programs also facilitates application and enrolment of short-term students outside of formal exchange arrangements. 

Students can apply to be a study abroad student at ANU if they want to enrol as an international fee-paying student and if their university does not have an exchange agreement with ANU.

Global Programs also offers internship programs to inbound students while they are at ANU. These internships are facilitated by the Australian National Internships Program (ANIP) and enable inbound students to work for the Australian Public Service or non-government organisations.