Student Experience Survey (SES)

What is the SES?

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is the largest survey of Australian higher education students and is run by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the Australian Government.

The SES asks students to provide feedback on their satisfaction across six broad indicators:

  1. Overall quality of educational experience
  2. Teaching quality
  3. Learner engagement
  4. Learning resources
  5. Student support
  6. Skills development

Feedback will be used to improve the student experience as well as allowing ANU to benchmark its performance against other Australian universities.

How does it work?

The SES is open to most first year and completing higher education students, including those undertaking post-graduate coursework. A sample of most first year and completing students will receive an email invitation to the online survey at the end of July. The survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete, and we strongly encourage students to participate. It is voluntary and all feedback is strictly confidential.