Register of Approved Surveys and Calendar

Survey approval process

As outlined in the ANU Student Surveys and Evaluations Procedure, the University gathers formal student feedback via:

  1. The Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) surveys (or equivalent)
  2. Standard University surveys; including routine sector-wide surveys approved by government or peak bodies, and internal surveys approved by the Vice-Chancellor, or Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  3. Non-standard surveys; including any one-off or infrequent surveys exploring a specific question or theme as approved by the Director of Planning and Performance Measurement Division (PPM).

Non-standard surveys must be approved by the Director, Planning & Performance Measurement at least one month before the survey start date. Parties wishing to conduct a non-standard survey must use the Non-Standard Survey Approval Request Form (DOCX, 63KB)

Survey Calendar

Standard surveys

Survey Start date End date
National Student Safety Survey - Pilot 22/03/2021 18/04/2021
International and Domestic Student Barometers 19/04/2021 16/05/2021
SELT Survey - Semester 1  17/05/2021 27/06/2021
Student Experience Survey 29/07/2021 29/08/2021
National Student Safety Survey 6/09/2021 3/10/2021
SELT Survey - Semester 2 18/10/2021 28/11/2021


Register of approved surveys


Survey Population Start Date End Date
Longitudinal belonging survey Student 01-Jan-21 31-Dec-25
Summer connections evaluation Student 22-Feb-21 31-Mar-21
Student development workshop evaluation Student 27-Feb-21 01-Jun-21
Convergent and Divergent Validity of Maths and Statistics Anxiety Student 01-Mar-21 31-Jul-21
INSYNC Library Survey  Student 03-May-21 16-May-21


Survey Population Start Date End Date
Sense of self and belonging in university students participating in first year support program Student 01-Jan-20 14-Oct-20
Wellbeing and Remote Education surveys (SWiRL, WHiRRL, TWiRL) Student and Staff 21-May-20 05-Jun-20
Medical student experiences during COVID-19 Student 22-Jun-20 01-Aug-20
COVID-19 involvement survey for MAE alumni and scholars Student 06-Jul-20 31-Jul-20
ANU Medical School COVID social studying Student 27-Jul-20 27-Aug-20
ANU Medical School COVID use of resources Student 27-Jul-20 27-Aug-20
ANUSA annual survey Student 03-Aug-20 02-Oct-20
Art of the Possible - student workshops Student 10-Aug-20 21-Aug-20
Attitudes towards climate change and mitigation efforts of those in the ANU community Student and Staff 31-Aug-20 07-Sep-20
Remote Examination Experience Survey Student 31-Aug-20 04-Sep-20
Experiences of low-socioeconomic students at ANU Student 03-Sep-20 18-Dec-20
Domestic postgraduate segmentation research  Student 07-Sep-20 21-Sep-20
The Prejudice Census: making sense of prejudice at the ANU Student 24-Sep-20 31-Dec-20
Sir Roland Wilson Foundation survey Student and Alumni 28-Sep-20 11-Oct-20
Accommodations Survey Student 02-Oct-20 11-Oct-20