Info for Staff - Student Wellbeing and Remote Learning survey (SWiRL)

SELT paused in 2020

As announced by Professor Grady Venville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) on 6 April, the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) survey has been paused for Semester 1 in recognition of the significant disruption experienced by staff and students due to COVID-19. This pause remains in place for all teaching sessions until further notice.

Planning and Performance Measurement (PPM) has been asked to develop and deploy the Student Wellbeing and Remote Learning survey, or SWiRL, to get feedback on the remote learning experience in Semester 1. SWiRL aims to get feedback on how the ANU student community is doing as a whole rather than course-specific feedback. Responses to the survey will help the ANU to plan the path beyond COVID-19, such as working out how to resource future teaching and learning strategies.

SWiRL is currently in the consultation phase and expected to deploy in mid-late May, with updates to be provided before deployment.

Students have also received communications about SWiRL. You can support this exercise by discussing the new survey with your students where appropriate; in a lecture, via Wattle or through other channels you are using for your course. This may be a good time to engage with concerns students may raise, especially if students reach out to you after learning about SWiRL.

Students experiencing hardship or requiring support, including counselling, can be directed here. We understand this has been a challenging semester for staff too. Support services can be found here.

For further information about the postponement of SELT, or about SWiRL, please contact the Evaluations team via