VC Awards FAQs

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Education

Who is eligible to be nominated for the VC Awards?

Nominations for the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Education (VC's Awards) are open to all university academic and professional staff, recognising and rewarding the diverse contributions staff make to the quality of learning, teaching and the student experience in ANU.

All College award recipients will be nominated for the VC's Awards, and other staff or programs as appropriate may be nominated from College awards nominations. Division Directors may nominate staff and programs as appropriate in consultation with senior staff in their Division. Other areas of ANU may nominate staff and programs as appropriate in consultation with senior staff in their area.

Do I have to apply for a College Award to get a nomination for a VC Award?

No, nominees for the VC Awards are only required to have received a nomination for their College Education Awards. If you have been nominated for a College Education Award but do not put in an application for the College Award, you are still eligible to apply for a VC Award, however your College must nominate you.

Can I self-nominate for a VC Award?

Individuals may not self-nominate for the VC's Awards.

Who nominates staff or programs for a VC Award?

Nominations may only be made by delegated representatives of the Colleges, Divisions, and other areas of ANU, including College Associate Deans (Education) or delegates from College Awards Committees, Division Directors or delegated staff, and senior staff from other areas of ANU.

Are the application requirements for VC Awards the same as for College Education awards?

Requirements for College awards may vary from VC Award requirements, so please check the appropriate VC Awards details before making an application.

Is there assistance available with preparing my application?

Your College Education Offices should be able to provide you with some assistance in the preparation of your application. The Promoting Excellence team in CHELT may also be able to advise you on the preparation of your application. Consult with your colleagues and other awards recipients in your College. Get your student evaluations results from

What defines 'Early Career' in regards to awards nominations and applications?

Nominees with no more than 5 years' experience teaching in higher education institutions may apply for an Early Career (EC) category of the Award for Teaching Excellence, or a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. The 5 years can be non-sequential and must be counted on a semester basis, and includes all tutoring, part-time or casual teaching, and teaching within a team. The VC Awards Committee will consider the career stage of nominees when assessing assessment criteria. Nominees for the EC category must have been employed at ANU for at least 1 year, and must also be a member of staff at the ANU during the period of the VC Award Committee's deliberations and decision.

How and when are the awardees notified?

Awardees of the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Education will be notified by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and also the Promoting Excellence team. Deans and Directors of each College and Division will be notified. An announcement will be made through the ANU media and also on the ANU website.

Where are the awards presented?

The Awards will be presented at the ANU graduation ceremonies in July or December.

How can the award money be accessed?

Prize money will be administered by CHELT on receipt of the Disbursement form. There are two options for award recipients to access their Award money: either paid to the awardee though payroll, or transferred to a recurrent account in the awardee's local area.

How can the VC Award monies be used?

The Award monies are awarded as a prize and disbursed to the recipient to be used to:

  • Advance the career/s of the recipient/s. For example: presenting at a conference and costs associated with attending - conference registrations, accommodation and travel.
  • Provide additional resources to support teaching or activities related to the award. For example: Information Technology, such as, work computer, work laptop, any resources related to your teaching - text books, professional subscriptions.
  • Assist the individual/team to disseminate good practice in learning and teaching.For example: teaching forums, professional development, seminars, website development/hosting, assistance for publications, teaching relief.