National Awards FAQs

Australian Awards for University Teaching

Who can be nominated for the national awards?

Nominations for these Awards are made from the pool of VC Awards recipients and applicants.

Who makes the nominations?

Nominations are made by VC Awards Committee and the Promoting Excellence Team.

Who can I ask for assistance with the development of my application?

Development of applications can be assisted by College Education Officers, plus the CHELT Promoting Excellence Team. Resources will be provided to applicants during workshops. The Planning & Performance Measurement Division can assist with student evaluations results as part of the portfolio.

How many awards are there, and what is their value?

In 2018 there will be up to 60 Citations for Outstanding Contribution awarded), up to 7 Awards for Teaching Excellence, and up to 6 Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning. Only the Awards for Teaching Excellence will have prize money. The Program Awards and Citations will receive a certificate.

How can the AAUT Award monies be used?

The Award monies are granted as a prize and disbursed to the recipient's institution to be spent within three years to:

  • provide resources to support the Award Recipient's teaching or activities related to the award
  • assist the individual or team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching within their institution and across the sector more broadly.

The award money is intended to be used to build on the success of the work that the recipient has been recognised for. The expenditure should contribute to improving the teaching and learning outcomes in Australian higher education.

Where can I find details of previous AAUT Award recipients?

ANU recipients of these awards are listed at these pages: Citations, Programs and Teaching.