ANU Distinguished Educators

The awarding of the title ANU Distinguished Educator is one of a number of mechanisms the University employs to support, recognise, promote and reward good learning and teaching. Other methods used include the Academic Professional Development programs, the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme, the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education, the ANU Education Grants and the Academic Promotions Policy.

ANU Distinguished Educators will be appointed with the purpose of helping to lead, at a strategic level, innovation in education within the University, and will participate in these activities up to 10% FTE (half a day per week).

Successful applicants will be conferred the title of ANU Distinguished Educator for a period of five years and receive a superannuable loading of $10,000 per annum for every year of their appointment.

All ANU Distinguished Educators are profiled at Education Achievements.



    Applicants must satisfy at least one of the following requirements that qualify as measures of eminence and sustained exceptional performance, noting that these qualifiers are not a guarantee of appointment:

    1. recipient of a national or international teaching excellence award such as an Australian Award for University Teaching or Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year;
    2. Principal Fellowship or Senior Fellowship within the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme. The applicant should be in good standing within the Scheme;
    3. Applicants must have a significant and sustained track record in securing external grants focused on educational advancement from national or international sources.


    Applicants are to evidence performance in relation to only five of the domains listed below. The activities of the applicant would be commensurate with their academic level but there is an expectation for a Distinguished Educator to have achieved a level of distinction in these activities:

    1. Teaching practice
    2. Research-led education
    3. Course and curriculum design
    4. Student-focused teaching
    5. Teaching and learning development and scholarship
    6. Teaching and learning leadership
    7. Education engagement with: government, non-government organisations, business/industry, community organisations, the public.

    Applicants may request to be considered within specific Early Career and Indigenous Education categories, in line with the University's teaching award schemes. The existence of these categories does not presuppose that appointments will be made in these categories each year.


    Applications for the award of the title will be assessed by the ANU Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee.


    Recipients and their details are listed on the pages below.