Why it Matters

Academic integrity is a core part of our culture as a community of scholars.

Important Note: The Academic Integrity Rule 2021 will come into force on the 1 December 2021, and will apply to students enrolled in courses from Summer 2022.

At its heart, academic integrity is about behaving ethically. This means that all members of the community commit to honest and responsible scholarly practice and to upholding these values with respect and fairness.

We commit to embedding the values of academic integrity in our teaching and learning. We ensure that all members of our community understand how to engage in academic work in ways that are consistent with, and actively support academic integrity.

As staff, our responsibilities are to model good practice and exhibit academic integrity in our teaching and learning, educating our students about their responsibilities and requirements and responding to breaches when they occur.


Educating Students on academic integrity and academic skills

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and their academic experience can vary greatly. They come to us from many other education institutions all with different academic expectations and levels of understanding of what academic integrity means.

We need to acknowledge this and it is our role to educate our students on the importance of academic integrity, and regardless of where they come from, what is expected of them at the ANU and assist them to develop strong academic skills.

Academic Skills

Academic Skills (formely the Academic Skills and Learning Centre (ASLC)) have resources to support staff with embedding academic integrity into our teaching, from in class sessions on academic integrity, to assisting with assessment design.

Academic Skills can also assist students with their academic writing, referencing, learning how to use an academic voice, and how to understand the difference between collusion and collaboration. They have resources for students online including a Turnitin practice site, and referencing resources as well as providing in person appointments and workshops.

Staff Resources and Training

The Academic Standards and Quality Office (ASQO) are available to provide assistance with the processes relating to the Academic Misconduct Rule.

The ASQO, along with ANU Online and the ASLC provide in person training sessions and online self-paced Turnitin and Academic Integrity Training which covers all the key aspects of using Turnitin including how to: set up assignments, interpret originality reports, give feedback and grades to students and deal with academic integrity and misconduct issues.

More resources for staff can be found on the Handling a Potential Breach and in the Guidelines and Relative Links boxes on the right.