Professor John Blaxland

Professor of International Security & Intelligence Studies
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because I have been a great beneficiary of being mentored. Mentoring shows how it can be done, what obstacles to look out for, how to prepare and how to manage when things don’t quite work out. I have been mentored by a couple of ANU’s greats, including emeritus professors David Horner and Joan Beaumont as well as the late emeritus professor Desmond Ball. Their example has been an inspiration to me. I hope to emulate their contribution.

As a former military intelligence officer with 28 years in the military and intelligence domains, I bring a government and policy focused perspective to my studio history, intelligence and international security affairs. My career culminated as chief of joint intelligence at joint operations command and as defence attaché to Thailand and Myanmar. From this springs my enthusiasm for military history, southeast Asian security affairs and intelligence studies. It infuses my teaching and supervising and engagement in the media. If that speaks to you, then let’s talk.

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