Mr Gitesh Agarwal

Director Corporate Affairs (Aus & NZ)
HCL Technologies Ltd
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because the knowledge and skills are meant to be shared. The new generation will have a world vastly different to the one, we inherited. Sharing our perspectives, learnings, experience, allows us to pass on the legacy, a peep into our past, present to enable a linkage to the future. It can lead to mutual personal growth, networking, relationships, career navigation, leadership seeding and motivation.

I bring over 26 years of multi industry, Government, cross border experience across strategy, marketing, business development, brand custodianship to the table. My skill sets of Stakeholder management, Problem solving, Big picture ideation, Technology as an enabler, Strategy Redesign, P&L and deep India experience would be great leverage. Additionally, I am certified coach, facilitator, and Director. I am also a People person and creative Solution finder at heart, believing each of us is a story, each challenge is an opportunity to change perspectives, expand the viewpoint, discover new possibilities, and evolve solutions. Championing partnership and collaboration, I curate and nurture mutually respected relationships across countries across industry leaders, academia, investors, Ministerial offices, and bureaucracy. This enables both, a bird's eye view and opportunities to influence at the granular level. This also brings an understanding of multiple work cultures, Corporate and Government, large and small scale industries, Indian and Global mindsets. My mantra is to be in the shoes of the other, understand the challenges and then evolve organic solutions. A constant learner, I carry a bird's eye view, curated knowledge and network of multiple industries from Mining & Energy, Agribusiness & Retail; Food & wine, Education, Skilling and Culture; Infrastructure & manufacturing; Lifesciences & Cleantech, Innovation & Investment.



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