Dr Rosalyn Stanton

Director of Research Mentorship, Supervision and Education Programs
Canberra Health Services
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because every person should have a mentor, it’s that valuable; it provides a safe space and an experienced person to guide reflective conversations to debrief, solve problems and plan for career and life development, outside of the supervisor/operational manager framework.

I have had a varied career as a health care clinician, educator, researcher, and leader. I am a Physiotherapist by background, working for most of my career in the healthcare setting. My PhD was clinically focused and completed through six years of part time study alongside working fulltime, giving me an understanding of balancing competing demands whilst trying to maintain a life outside of work and study. I have also had some time teaching at university, however made a choice to stay within industry, aiming to improve the application of research into the clinical setting to improve service delivery and outcomes for patients. I have recently moved into a research support role for clinicians. I understand how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of working in a large organisation, as well as have insights into the university setting specifically. Within the healthcare setting I have mentored many individuals, with a key focus on personal development, managing the challenges of the workplace including relationships, and options and strategies for career pathways. I find mentoring relationships personally rewarding, as I learn from the mentee and the relationship.


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