Dr Elena Capatina

Senior Lecturer
Research School of Economics
Centre for Excellence in Population Aging Research
ANU College of Business & Economics
Types of mentoring: 

I see a great opportunity to develop one’s career through mentoring. Thinking about one’s values, goals and aspirations is the first step in building a fulfilling career. Mentoring can facilitate taking a path that is consistent with these. Support and encouragement is critical in academia where we often work independently and have to constantly build new skills and initiate projects. A mentor can be a great starting point for developing ideas and building the mindset and skills to follow through. For mentors, it is a rewarding experience to share knowledge and provide encouragement and guidance to others.

I would love to help and support junior academics to have the best possible start with their research careers. I believe key aspects are taking initiative with research projects, fostering independence and developing productive co-authorships. I would love to provide support to others to find their passions and follow them and have the courage and skills to become leaders in their areas. I would also like to support young parents who juggle work and caring responsibilities. For junior academics, I can provide mentorship with early promotions since I have recently gone through the process at ANU.

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