Dr Ehsan Kheradpezhouh

Research Fellow
Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, John Curtin School of Medical Research
ANU College of Health & Medicine
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is an important process for achieving successful and well-balanced life/work in academia because the mentoring process always improves both parties’ performance, knowledge and experience by revealing the strength and weakness of the mentor and mentee.

I am a research fellow at the Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU. I have a medical background with 10-year experience in emergency medicine. Thereafter, I moved to research and I received my PhD in Physiology from the Adelaide University (2015). Through, my career, I faced several situations which making decision was not clear and any of those decisions could have potentially changed the direction of my career. In those situations, seeking advice from my mentors was quite helpful and beneficial in making a right decision. Now, it is my time to transfer my experiences to others; however, I am sure that I will also get remarkable experience form this mentorship program.

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