Associate Professor Simon Avenell

Associate Professor
Associate Dean (HDR), CAP
School of History, Culture, and Language
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because , based on my own experience, the path forward in an academic career is rarely clear, and some friendly input and advice along the way can be very useful in helping to strike a healthy balance among a range of often-competing demands. My mentors have done a great job in helping me keep everything in perspective which is sometimes difficult to do by oneself in the midst of a busy career and life. I really hope I can provide my mentees with a similar kind of perspective as they navigate their futures.

I have a diverse background, having studied undergrad in Australia and Japan, worked in banking, completed a PhD in history in America, followed by 9 years at the National University of Singapore before moving to the ANU in 2013. I have a good understanding of university systems around the world, as well as experience in obtaining research funding from government (ARC) and nongovernment (especially overseas) sources. I also have extensive experience in educational development, plus strong leadership and admin know-how through my role as Associate Dean of HDR in CAP. Hopefully I can share my experiences of setting and sticking to priorities (not always 100% successfully!), especially for those in the HASS disciplines.

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