Associate Professor Leanne Armand

ANU Researcher
ANZIC Program Scientist
Research School of Earth Sciences
Australian and New Zealand International Ocean Discovery Program Consortium (ANZIC)
ANU College of Science
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because sometimes you just need someone to give you a perspective about your own skills, to help see the opportunities available, and provide the nudge to reach your potential based on sharing the experiences of others.

My background is in biology, or curiosity for the living world one could say. I’m now the leader of a National consortium of geo- and biogeo- scientists participating in the world’s longest running scientific drilling program. My path through academia has been diverse and full of roadblocks I’ve navigated/ pushed through or worked hard to continue my road ahead. I like pursuing big ideas and providing leadership to make them happen. My passions in science are Australian marine sciences, Antarctica, Women in Science and Diatoms.

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