Guides to good practice in assessment

The University Assessment Policy provides an overarching framework based on principles of good assessment and sets out broad principles under which specific practices can be implemented within Colleges. The new policy was written to be flexible and allow the implementation of different assessment practices that reflect disciplinary differences among Colleges and the diversity of approaches to education among academic staff within the University.

The following resources provide useful guides to how effective assessment practices can be implemented in different disciplinary and educational contexts. CHELT welcomes any suggestions for other resources which could be added to this collection.

Assessing Learning in Australian Universities: Ideas strategies and resources for quality in student assessment. (AUTC)

Assessment Futures (ALTC)

Quality Assessment: Linking assessment tasks and teaching outcomes in the social sciences (OLT)

Assessment policy and impact on practice: sharpening the policy review in Australian universities (OLT)

Moderation for fair assessment in transnational learning and teaching (OLT)

Computer Aided Feedback and Assessment System OLT)

Enhancing Assessment Feedback Practices in Accounting Education: Issues, obstacles and reforms(OLT)

Enhancing the assessment in the Biological Sciences (OLT)

Leadership and assessment: strengthening the nexus (OLT)

Diagnostic assessment for biological sciences - development of a concept inventory (OLT)

Supporting student peer assessment and review in large groupwork projects (OLT)

Assessing group work in media and communications (OLT)

Building capacity for assessment leadership via professional development and mentoring of course coordinators (OLT)

Enhancing the assessment of learning in Australian Higher Education: Biological Sciences (OLT)

Embedding the development and grading of generic skills across the business curriculum (OLT)

The teaching and assessment of statistical thinking within and across disciplines (OLT)

Online Assessment Feedback as an Instrument of Reflective Learning Practice in Human Biology (OLT)

Raising the profile of diagnostic, formative and summative e-assessments. Providing e-assessment design principles and disciplinary examples for higher education academic staff (OLT)

Guidelines for Good Assessment Practice (University of Tasmania)