Evaluating teaching

ANU believes its highest educational priority is to develop individual student talents through quality learning experiences. With this objective in mind, the evaluation of teaching is a critical component in assuring the educational quality of the student experience at ANU. Gathering feedback on your teaching should be an ongoing process and a central aspect of professional pratice related to teaching.The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) can help by working with you through a range of feedback and evaluation strategies.

Interpretation of SELT & other feedback

If you are a lecturer or tutor, CHELT can assist you in responding to your SELT and other evaluation feedback: interpreting the implications for your teaching or course design; developing strategies to respond to the feedback; and summarising your feedback to provide evidence for promotion.

Alternative forms of evaluation

Most teaching environments can benefit from the formal feedback on learning offered by SELT at the end of a course. More useful in a formative sense, however, are other forms of feedback collected during the course itself, such as through minute papers, rapid student feedback, peer collaboration, focus groups, and action researchCLT can provide advice on how to initiate these alternative types of evaluation.

Closing the loop

While a critical part of the evaluation cycle is obviously first gathering and then acting on student feedback, it is also essential to acknowledge the value of this feedback to students so that they can see its significance as a means of improving teaching and learning outcomes.