The Smartest Way to Get Around! ANU CARSHARE*

Notice Board:


When you register you will be directed to the GreenShareCar (GSC) website.  This is an external website and is not owned or managed by ANU.  If you agree to GSC terms and conditions in the Driver Obligations or the Member User Agreement (MUA), you will be bound by those terms and conditions and your personal iectnformation will be managed under the GSC  Privacy Policy.  If you do not agree to the MUA you will not be able to become a member of the Carshare service.


*Services provided by GreenShareCar - Phone "1300 575 878"

ANU carshare is a flexible, affordable and sustainable transport option for the University. You can book and drive a vehicle and pay by the hour, or by the day, for either business or private use.

ANU has engaged GreenShareCar  to provide a carshare service to University personnel.  This service comprises access to a fleet of 14 vehicles, available 24/7 at various locations around campus.

Carshare costs start from as little as $11.99 per hour or $78 per day.  Refer to vehicle Rates and Fees 2017 - rates and fees that are inclusive of:

* Rental        * Maintenance       * Fuel        * 24/7 roadside assistance        * Insurance                                                   

Please Note:

  1. Carshare vehicles have 150kms per day included in the Rates. Beyond 150kms, there is an additional charge of 0.39c per Km.
  2. Insurance excess may apply should the vehicle become damaged or involved in an accident  whilst you are driving (refer to MUA V3.8).  This excess can be lowered by paying an extra $1.99 per hour.


To register as a member

To access the scheme, you are required to become a member by registering with GreenShareCar and agree to the Terms and Conditions (Member User Agreement (MUA V3.8) or Driver Obligations).

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from GreenShareCar within 24 hours.

Using a vehicle

There are two types of booking that you can make:

Business Booking:  This is only available to University Staff and HDR Students who have registered for the scheme and need to use a vehicle for purposes directly related to their employment.  Drivers must agree to the GreenShareCar Driver Obligations. Costs are charged directly back to the nominated charge code.

Private Booking:   This is an agreement between the Driver and GreenShareCar.  You must be a Carshare member, agree to comply with the GreenShareCar MUA and pay for the use of the vehicle via your credit card.

It’s quick and easy to join:

1/ Register as a member online

Click the ‘Register/Make a Booking’ button at the top of the page. Enter your University ID and password and complete the registration form, this includes providing a front and back scanned copy of your driving licence.

2/ Scan your University ID card

Your University ID is your access to the vehicle.   

To facilitate this, ANU Personnel who join ANU and have a card issued after 6 February 2017 will not need to scan their card with us.  ANU personnel whose ID card was issued before 6 February 2017 will need their ANU ID card scanned by the ANU carshare team at ANU Fleet Office, Building #53, Garran Road.  The office is open for scanning between 9.00am and 12.30pm - 1.30pm to 4.30pm every day.

To ensure that someone is available to assist you, please contact ANU carshare on 612 57051 or prior to coming down.

3/ Book

You can create, manage or cancel bookings at any time of the day via the website

Your booking will be confirmed via email from GreenShareCar.

Please make sure, as a minimum you read:

  • ANU Quick Guide and FAQ’s
  • GSC Quick Guide v7.8
  • MUA & Fees V3.8 (Private Bookings)
  • Driver Obligations & Fees (Business Bookings)
  • Driver checklist and
  • Watch the GSC familiarisation Video

4/ Drive

When the time has arrived, your vehicle will be ready at the designated parking bay.  Simply swipe your University ID over the card reader on the windscreen to unlock the vehicle, keys will be waiting inside the vehicle, complete the pre-vehicle checks and away you go.

5/ Return

Return the vehicle to the pickup location with a minimum half a tank of fuel, report any damage to GreenshareCar, then swipe your University ID card on the windscreen to lock it and leave.

It’s never been so easy to get around Canberra.


                                                          GreenShareCar - Phone "1300 575 878"