GoGet Carshare Scheme

In 2015, the University implemented an innovative carshare scheme through Greensharecar (as the contracted provider). The scheme has delivered a number of benefits, including convenient access to a range of vehicles on campus for personal and business use and a reduction in the University’s pool vehicles. The contract with Greensharecar expired on 10 February 2019.  The University has used the expiration of the arrangement with Greensharecar as an opportunity to enter into an arrangement with a carshare provider that has a more cost effective end-to-end model, better flexibility and a better presence and support structure in the ACT region.

The University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO) is pleased to announce that the University entered into a new partnership with GoGet on 11 February 2019 for the ongoing provision of carshare services.  This agreement is through SG Fleet as the University’s contracted fleet provider under the Whole of Australian Government Fleet Arrangement.  GoGet are considered the industry leader in carshare in the Australian market with 3,000 vehicles and 100,000 members in Australia and an established presence in the ACT.  They have a strong customer focus and are passionate about sustainable transport through reducing the number of privately owned vehicles on the roads.    The scheme will operate largely the same as the existing scheme with the following changes:

  • The scheme will be open to all members of the community not just University personnel.
  • Vehicles will be accessible via a GoGet card rather than the University id.
  • The fleet of vehicles on campus will increase from 14 to 20 and include a goods movement van, two (2) hybrid vehicles and three (3) x eight (8) seater vehicles.
  • University personnel will be able to access GoGet vehicles Australia wide.
  • Vehicle costs will be limited to usage costs (i.e. the University will not be liable for the cost of the cars when they are not booked.  The vehicles start at $6.95 an hour plus $0.40 a kilometre (for on-road costs)).



Greensharecar accounts will not be rolled over to GoGet.  The University’s carshare scheme through Greensharecar expired on 10 February 2019.  All ANU carshare accounts with this provider have been closed. The University has since entered into a new partnership with GoGet for the ongoing provision of carshare services.

If you receive any email’s from Greensharecar requesting to update the credit card number please do not respond and forward the email to carshare@anu.edu.au. No further action is necessary.

Users of Greensharecar must re-register with GoGet.

You can get ready for GoGet now by registering:

for business use https://www.goget.com.au/anu-business

for staff personal use https://www.goget.com.au/anu/

for student personal use https://www.goget.com.au/anu-students/

You can collect your GoGet membership card from University Fleet Services at 53 Garran Road between 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday to Friday. You will need to present your University ID card.



Bookings can be made via GoGet’s webpage https://www.goget.com.au/


Who to Contact

For more information contact GoGet directly on 1300 769 389, or the University carshare team on 02 6125 7051.

For queries relating to the agreement between the University and GoGet, please contact carshare@anu.edu.au