The Acton campus supports a population of nearly 25,000 students and staff, with the majority (64 per cent) travelling to and within campus via bus, carsharing, walking or cycling.

The University manages a fleet of over 100 bicycles and 180 vehicles. All vehicles purchased must meet a minimum of four stars in the Green Vehicle Guide. Hybrids and electric cars are also on the approved list. A cash out policy is available for those who don't need a vehicle.

Greenhouse gas emissions generated from commuting, business-related air and vehicle travel are significant contributors to the University's environmental footprint. University-related travel emissions are offset with Australian and International offset projects.

The University encourages cycling by offering end of trip cycling facilities including over 41 bicycle enclosures which provides over 2,000 covered bicycle parking spaces.


To minimise the environmental impact of university-related travel.


  • Increase sustainable commuting to 80 per cent by 2020
  • Reduce fleet emissions by 20 per cent by 2020