Gardens & grounds

Gardens & Grounds staff provide a range of grounds maintenance and landscaping services on campus, including the maintenance of landscapes, playing fields, roads, footpaths and car parks.

What type of grounds maintenance is available?

Normal maintenance of grounds and gardens is carried out regularly by staff including lawn mowing, landscaping, weeding, path sweeping etc.

Any unexpected grounds maintenance or repairs to outdoor areas should be directed to the Gardens & Grounds staff in the Facilities & Services Division. Some examples of such maintenance include:

  • damage to landscaping or gardens
  • fallen trees
  • broken irrigation systems
  • removal of graffiti
  • removal of posters
  • broken tree branches
  • any hazards on the roads or pathways.

How do I request maintenance?

Before requesting maintenance, be sure that you can provide the following information:

  • name and telephone number of a contact officer
  • nature and location of the problem.

General grounds problems should be reported to the Gardeners Depot.

Contact us to report urgent grounds problems directly.