Our field and PC2 laboratories can be booked for research and teaching. Please contact our Kioloa Administrator to discuss your project needs.

Field laboratory

The field laboratory can comfortably seat 20 students on 6 benches. An audio-visual system is also available. Equipment includes:

  • fridge and chest freezer
  • dissecting trays
  • dissecting and stereo microscopes
  • 2 x Jouan BR311 centrifuges
  • Tuttnauer 3150EL autoclave 40 L
  • laminar flow cabinet

PC2 laboratory

If you are undertaking research work that is part of a Notifiable Low Risk Dealing or a Licenced Dealing, your work must be carried out in the appropriate facility (either a PC1 or PC2 facility). We have a certified PC2 laboratory that can be booked independently. Equipment available:

  • Class II biological safety cabinet
  • 2 x Forma CO2 incubator

Laboratory consumables

We store basic supplies of reusable labware and other consumables at a nominal charge to students or researchers. Should you need other materials, large quantities, or special equipment please contact our Kioloa Administrator to make arrangements in advance.  

Consumables available:

  • Schott glass bottles
  • Glass flasks
  • Powdered latex gloves
  • Sterile pipette tips
  • Sterile petri dishes

We do NOT stock chemical reagents. All reagents need to be organised by the principle researcher who should contact the Kioloa Administrator to make arrangements for deliveries, disposal, and the required paperwork.