Procedures for chemical spills, bomb threats & suspicious packages

Chemical spill

Consult with local chemical spill procedures and notify the Chief Warden in your building, telephone ANU Security 6125 2249, then press button 1 for emergency priority and provide the details.

Bomb threat

If it comes by the telephone don't hang up the telephone at the end of the call, leave the telephone off the hook.  Stay calm, record all information using the Bomb Threat Checklist card or emergency flip chart (available from ANU Security).  Immediately contact ANU Security on another telephone and pass on all information.  Wait for further instructions.

Suspicious mail or packages

If it has not been opened - Place item in a plastic bag and seal it.  Place all items in a second plastic bag and seal that bag.  Stay in your office or immediate work area.  This also applies to co-workers in the same room.  Prevent others from entering the area and becoming potentially contaminated.  It is unlikely you will be in immediate danger.

Telephone ANU Security, 6125 2249 then press button 1 for emergency priority.

If suspicious mail or package has been opened - remain calm do not disturb the item any further.  Do not move it or pass it around.  If any material has spilt from the item, and if feasible to do so, cover it with a bin or similar to stop it spreading.  Do not attempt to clean it up, or brush it from your clothing.  Make sure anyone who has contacted the material stays in the area and does not leave.  If possible place an object over the package without disturbing it (such as a waste bin).

Telephone ANU Security, 6125 2249 then press button 1 for emergency priority.   Security will arrange if possible, have the building ventilation system shut down and turn off any fans or equipment that is circulating air around your workplace.  Remain calm and wait for help to arrive and provide further advice.

White substance in a letter

Inform your Chief Warden and ANU Security, 6125 2249 then press 1 for emergency priority, immediately by telephone - do not leave the area.  Isolate the substance by putting something over it, like a waste paper bin.  Isolate yourself and others who may have come into direct contact with the substance (without leaving the immediate area if possible).  Close doors to stop other people entering the area at risk.

Try to wash your hands and face if possible.

Make sure the Chief Warden and ANU Security are aware of your telephone extension number, keep the extension open.  Refrain from eating and drinking until you have been given the all clear as doing so may hamper any medical treatment.  Wait for further instructions.