Chief Wardens responsibilities

The Chief Warden, or if absent the Deputy Chief Warden, is expected to respond immediately to an emergency alarm, determine if an emergency should be declared in the building, determine what emergency procedures should be implemented, and bring the ECO promptly into action. The Chief Warden's duty will be to assume control of the occupants of the building:

  • from the time an alarm is given,
  • through to the arrival of the emergency service, and until emergency service recommendation is given for building re-entry.

The senior officer of the emergency service (e.g. fire brigade, police, bomb squad, etc.) should assume responsibility on arrival. The Chief Warden is also responsible for:

  • being available, or organising cover, for all times that the building is normally occupied,
  •   organising and distributing to all Wardens and to all building occupants relevant information for use in an emergency, including details of
    • the fire alarm system
    • the emergency warning system
    • the emergency procedures,
  • organising, with the assistance of the Facilities & Services Division, and installing for prominent display evacuation plans for each floor or zone,
  • maintaining and distributing to all building occupants a current list of all Floor Wardens and Deputies (with phone numbers and locations),
  • training, or organising the training of, newly-appointed Wardens in ECO operations.

The Deputy Chief Warden shall under-study the Chief Warden and assume the Chief Warden's responsibilities when the Chief Warden is absent from the building. It will be a matter of careful arrangement, for which the Chief Warden is responsible, that both the Chief Warden and the Deputy Chief Warden are not simultaneously absent during normal working hours.

Chief Warden - Roles during an emergency

The Chief Warden, on becoming aware of a potential emergency, shall determine the nature of the emergency and decide on the appropriate action. If an emergency is declared, the Chief Warden shall initiate the emergency procedures which should include the following actions:

  1. ensure that the appropriate emergency service has been notified,
  2. ensure that the Floor Wardens are advised of the situation,
  3. if necessary, initiate evacuation procedure,
  4. brief emergency service personnel on their arrival and thereafter act on the instructions of the emergency service's senior officer.

The Deputy Chief Warden shall assume the Chief Warden's responsibilities if the Chief Warden is absent, and otherwise assist as required by the Chief Warden