Customs clearance

UPS Supply Chain Solutions was previously contracted to the University for the provision of Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Services. This contract has expired and a procurement process is underway for these services. For further information regarding the procurement process, please contact  In the interim, staff may continue to use UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions

P: 02 9582 7000

What services will be included under this contract?

  • International freight forwarding services from a designated pick-up or departure point to the designate delivery point or addresses including, but not limited to, exworks, export, cost/insurance/freight service.
  • Customs entry/clearance procedures for shipments to and from the University via sea, air and parcel post.
  • Organisation of quarantine clearances for shipments.
  • The supply of timely logistics information, including tracking facilities, regarding shipments via facsimile and/or electronic mail.

These services cater for the following, but may not be limited to:

  1. Live animals
  2. Dry ice packaged goods and wet ice packaged goods.
  3. Bio-hazardous material
  4. Dangerous goods and chemicals
  5. Heavy and unusual articles or goods
  6. Large and unusual equipment
  7. Documentation, books, gifts to ANU, samples of items of no commercial value.
  8. Biological samples
  9. Controlled substances for example, certain classes of drugs.