Courier & mailroom services


The Australian National University (the University) has an agreement with DHL Express (Australia) Pty Ltd for the supply of Mailroom and Courier services.

DHL Shopfront

The DHL Shopfront is located at Building 53 Garran Road and can be accessed via the parking side of the building. The DHL Shopfront can provide assistance with your courier requirements and you can drop off shipments. For parcels to be processed and sent out on the same day, drop off to the DHL Shopfront is required by 12:00pm at the latest. Please allow more time for heavy weight shipments.

The Shopfront is open to staff and students from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

What services does the arrangement offer?

Internal Mail

DHL is responsible for the pick-up and delivery of internal mail. Mail is picked up and delivered once a day between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Internal mail will be delivered the business day following collection.

Local Courier Services

The local courier service is a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service for parcels not weighing more than 100kg within the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. There are a number of service levels offered, from overnight to express (pickup within 15 minutes and delivery within 60 minutes).

Inter-Departmental Courier Service

The Inter-Departmental Courier Service (IDCS) provides delivery to local government departments at special rates. Please refer to the Reference Documents for a list of departments serviced. Items being sent via IDCS should be placed in the green bag.

Domestic and International Courier Services

The domestic and international courier service is a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service for parcels of any weight, from and to any destination within Australia or globally. There are a number of service levels and types offered, please contact the DHL Shopfront at or on (02) 6125 4540 (xtn 54540) for more information.

Dangerous Goods

The arrangement also offeres the shipment of dangerous goods. Please contact the DHL Shopfront at or on (02) 6125 4540 (ext 5 4540) for more information.

DHL Collections and Deliveries

Please refer to the DHL Collection and Delivery Schedule on this page for the daily timeframes for each collection/delivery point. Note that ‘Run 1’ and ‘Run 2’ refer to separate delivery vans – there will be a single collection/delivery time per day for each point.

How do I send a courier item (business purposes)?

The best way to send a courier item from the University is via ANU Ship. To obtain an ANU Ship account, please contact the DHL Shopfront at or on (02) 6125 4540 (ext 54540) with the following details:

  • contact name;
  • School/area;
  • address;
  • phone number;
  • email;
  • University ID;and
  • general ledger codes.

If you are unable to access ANU Ship, a shipment can be organised by phone. Wherever possible this should be done by calling the DHL Shopfront in order to obtain access to the University's discounted rates. You will be required to provide a general ledger code in addition to the shipping details

We recommend obtaining a quote before booking any shipment. This is particularly important for large and heavy items, or items travelling long distances on time-critical services. As a guide, items over 275kg for outbound, and 150kg for inbound, will often attract a cost of over $5,000, and are therefore considered a high cost consignment.

DHL Express postal satchels are available for purchase to send documents and small items. Once the consignment label is affixed, these simply need to be placed in the yellow postal bag for collection.

For more information on how to send an item, please contact the DHL Shopfront at or on (02) 6125 4540 (ext 5 4540).

I have sent a courier item that has not arrived at the destination, who do I contact?

Contact the DHL Shopfront at or on (02) 6125 4540 (ext 5 4540) during their business hours or DHL at all other times. They will require the 'Air Waybill' number and receiver details of the item to trace it for you. Alternatively you can track and trace your item via the DHL website.

Is insurance available on items sent by DHL?

All services include insurance calculated on a per kilogram basis:

  • US$25.00 per kilogram for shipments transported by air or other non-road transportation; or
  • US$12.00 per kilogram for shipments transported by road.

Additional insurance is available to purchase, however may already be covered through the University's own insurance policies. Please contact the University Insurance Office on for further information.

Are staff benefits available for University staff and students?

Staff and students are able to use the rates applicable to the University account, on a cash sale basis, for out-bound consignments only. You will be required to provide identification demonstrating your association with the University.

What are the University's rates?

Please see the University Rates link at the top of this page. Please note that the fuel surcharge fluctuates monthly. Please contact the DHL Shopfront for current fuel surcharge information.

Contact Details

The Contact details for DHL Shopfront are:



(02) 6125 4540


DHL Shopfront
Australian National University
Building 53
Garran Road
Acton ACT 2601

If you have any concerns about the operation of the DHL Shopfront or DHL's performance, please contact the University Procurement and Contracts Office via