Facilities & maps

Detailed information is provided in this section about the ANU campus in Acton, including campus maps, parking and transport facilities, venues and function areas.

Name Type
Department of Health Services Research & Policy Organisation unit
Department of Mathematics, MSI Organisation unit
Dessert Castle Food outlet
Disability Support Centre Lab Computer lab, Information commons
DNF Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre Lecture theatre
Dojo (for all martial arts) Sporting facility
Domino's Pizza Food outlet
Drawing Room Seminar / Meeting room
Drill Hall Gallery Organisation unit
Eccles Insitute Organisation unit
Electronic Materials Engineering Organisation unit
Emeritus Faculty Organisation unit
Employment Information Organisation unit
Energy Change Institute Organisation unit
Engineering Computer Lab Computer lab
Engineering E101 Information commons
Engineering G1 (142) Information commons
Engineering Lecture Theatre Information commons, Lecture theatre
Examinations and Graduation Office (Student Administration) Organisation unit
Facilities and Services Division Organisation unit
Fellow's Cafe and Bar Food outlet
Fellows Road Law Lecture Theatre 1 Information commons, Lecture theatre
Fellows Road Law Lecture Theatre 2 Information commons, Lecture theatre
Fenner School of Environment & Society Organisation unit
Finance and Business Services (F&BS) Organisation unit
Finkel Lecture Theatre Lecture theatre
Fire Safety Officer (Facilities and Services) Organisation unit
Fitness Centre (ANU Sport) Sporting facility
Forestry 101 Information commons
Forestry 102 Information commons
Forestry 103 Information commons, Teaching room
Forestry 108 Information commons
Forestry 108A Information commons
Forestry Building parenting room Parenting room
Forestry Lecture Theatre Information commons, Lecture theatre
Frank Fenner 101 Sem Rm Information commons
Freilich Foundation Organisation unit
Fulton Muir Building (ANU College/ANU Enterprise) Organisation unit
Gardeners Depot - Gardens and Grounds - Facilities and Services Organisation unit
Gender Institute Organisation unit
Geography Computer Lab Computer lab
Geography G1 Information commons
Global Programs & Engagement Organisation unit
Gorgeous BBQ City t/a Yummy Chinese BBQ Food outlet
Gould 103 Information commons
Gould 107 Information commons
Gould 112 Computer lab, Information commons
Gould 113 Computer lab, Information commons
Gould Seminar Room 2.35 Seminar / Meeting room
Gowrie Hall Information Commons Information commons
Gowrie Hall Level 10 Lab Information commons
Graduate House Student residence
Graduate Lounge Student space
Griffin Hall (non-residential) Student space
Group Fitness Rooms Sporting facility
Gym Sporting facility
Hairdresser - New York Hair and Beauty Shop
Hancock 2.22 Teaching room
Hancock 2.23 Teaching room
Hancock 2.24 Teaching room
Hancock 2.25 Teaching room
Hancock 2.27 Teaching room
Hancock 2.28 Teaching room
Hancock 3.31 Flexi Lab Information commons
Hancock Flex Lab Computer lab
Hancock Level 1 Information commons
Hancock Level 2 Information commons
Hancock Level 3 Information commons
Hancock Library (Science & Technology) Library
Hancock study rooms Information commons
Hancock teaching rooms Information commons
Haydon-Allen 1205 Teaching room
Haydon-Allen 2177 Information commons
Haydon-Allen Altman Information commons
Haydon-Allen Fairbairn Information commons
Haydon-Allen G40 Information commons, Teaching room
Haydon-Allen G50 Information commons, Teaching room
Haydon-Allen G51 Information commons, Teaching room
Haydon-Allen G52 Information commons, Teaching room
Haydon-Allen G53 Information commons, Teaching room
Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre (The Tank) Information commons, Lecture theatre
Haydon-Allen LJ Hume Information commons
Haydon-Allen Saha Information commons
HC Coombs Building Extension Lecture Theatre Lecture theatre
HC Coombs Building parenting room Parenting room
HC Coombs Lecture Theatre Information commons, Lecture theatre
Health Services / Medical Centre / Doctor - ANU Health Health & wellbeing
Hedley Bull 1.03 Information commons
Hedley Bull 1.09 Information commons
Hedley Bull 1.28 Information commons
Hedley Bull Centre 1.24 Information commons
Hedley Bull Lecture Theatres Lecture theatre
Heritage Early Childhood Centre (Lennox House) Childcare facility
Hotel at ANU University House Visitor & staff accommodation
Human Resources - Staff Health & Wellbeing Health & wellbeing
Human Resources Division Organisation unit
Humanities Research Centre Organisation unit
HW Arndt Lecture Theatre Lecture theatre
Ian Ross 2.14 Information commons
Ian Ross 2.21 Information commons