Facilities & maps

Detailed information is provided in this section about the ANU campus in Acton, including campus maps, parking and transport facilities, venues and function areas.

Name Type
.COM Meeting Room - 6.09 Seminar / Meeting room
.EDU Meeting Room - 5.23 Seminar / Meeting room
.GOV Meeting Room - 5.22 Seminar / Meeting room
.NET Meeting Room - 4.16 Seminar / Meeting room
.ORG Meeting Room - 5.16 Seminar / Meeting room
2.02 Teaching room, Function venue, Seminar / Meeting room
22 Balmain Crescent parenting room Parenting room
3.02 Teaching room, Function venue, Pay as you go
3.03 Teaching room, Function venue, Childcare facility
3.04 Teaching room, Function venue, Food outlet
3.05 Teaching room, Function venue
4.02 Teaching room, Function venue
4.03 Teaching room, Function venue
4.04 Teaching room, Function venue, Voucher - coins and EFTPOS
4.05 Teaching room, Function venue, Sporting facility
5.02 Teaching room, Function venue, Bike shelter
5.03 Teaching room, Function venue, Service
5.04 Teaching room, Function venue, Administration
5.05 Teaching room, Function venue, Parking
5.06 Teaching room, Function venue, Building occupant
6.02 Teaching room, Function venue, Parenting room
Academic Dress Hire & Sales Shop
Academic Skills and Learning Centre Organisation unit
Academy of Social Sciences Organisation unit
Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Organisation unit
Access and Inclusion Organisation unit
Access and Inclusion Organisation unit
ACRF Biomolecular Resource Facility Organisation unit
Acton Early Childhood Centre (22 Balmain Cres.) Childcare facility
Acton Theatre Lecture theatre
AD Hope 1.23 Information commons
AD Hope 1.44 Information commons
AD Hope G12 Information commons
AD Hope G19 Information commons
AD Hope G28 Information commons
AD Hope G30 Information commons
AD Hope G41 Information commons
AD Hope LG1 Information commons
AD Hope LG24 Information commons
AD Hope LG29 Information commons
Advancement Services Organisation unit
Adviser to Staff Organisation unit
Al-Falasi Lecture Theatre Lecture theatre
Alumni Organisation unit
Alumni Relations & Philanthropy Organisation unit
ANU Apartments Visitor & staff accommodation
ANU Apartments Organisation unit
ANU Archives Library
ANU College Organisation unit
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) Organisation unit
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) Organisation unit
ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) Organisation unit
ANU College of Business and Economics parenting room Parenting room
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Organisation unit
ANU College of Health and Medicine Organisation unit
ANU College of Law (CoL) Organisation unit
ANU College of Science Organisation unit
ANU Connect Ventures Organisation unit
ANU Council Organisation unit
ANU Edge Organisation unit
ANU Enterprise (ANU College) Organisation unit
ANU Executive Organisation unit
ANU Film Group Arts & entertainment
ANU International Law Society Organisation unit
ANU Medical School Organisation unit
ANU Multimedia (Photography) Services Organisation unit
ANU Online Organisation unit
ANU Parking Administration Administration
ANU Publications (Marketing Office) Organisation unit
ANU Queer Group Organisation unit
ANU Reporter (Marketing Office) Organisation unit
ANU Security Health & wellbeing
ANU Shop Shop
ANU Sport Organisation unit
ANU Students' Association (ANUSA) Organisation unit
ANU Union shop Shop
Applied Mathematics Organisation unit
Archives - Noel Butlin Archives & University Archives (Administration in Menzies Building) Organisation unit
Archives Reading Room Library
Arndt 1012 Information commons
Arndt G16 Information commons
Arndt G17 Information commons
Arndt G2 Information commons
Arndt G3 Information commons
Arndt G8 Information commons
Arndt Lecture Theatre 1 Lecture theatre
Arndt LT 1 (HW Arndt Lecture Theatre 1) Information commons
Arndt LT 2 (HW Arndt Lecture Theatre 2) Information commons
Arndt TR1 (HW Arndt Tutorial Room 1) Information commons
Arndt TR2 (HW Arndt Tutorial Room 2) Information commons
Art and Music Library Library
Art Computer Lab Computer lab
Arts Centre Theatre Arts & entertainment
Arts Library Foyer Information Commons Information commons
Arts Library Infoplace 1.28a Information commons
Arts Library Infoplace G18 Information commons
Arts Theatre Information commons, Lecture theatre
Asian Studies Demountable Information Commons Information commons
Asian Tiger Food outlet
ATM (Westpac) ATM