Space management

The Space Management team manages the University's data and information in relation to campus buildings and spaces. The ARCHIBUS Space Management Module contains all of this data and information. The space management module allows ANU staff to view floor plans across the University and to report on a wide range of space information.

Space requests/allocations and vacant space management

The Facilities and Services Division manages space allocation within the University and to external stakeholders. The Division works collaboratively with our clients to negotiate a suitable outcome. Space requests should only be made when the current allocation of so space no longer provides a satisfactory space solution.

How to request new or additional space or return space

To request a space please use the Space Request Form.

If you are planning on returning space to Facilities and Services there are minimum requirements for this to occur, which will be determined on a case by case basis. In general the space must be a continuous space of at least 100m2. You will also need to complete the Space Handback Checklist and associated tasks.

All requests must be lodged with Facilities and Services and have the authorisation of the respective College Dean, Director or equivalent.

Drawing office

The Drawing Office is the repository for all University drawings and plans, along with the Operation and Maintenance Manuals for our buildings. The Drawing Office also coordinates drafting services to the University.