Stuart Hay

Multimedia Officer

Stuart is a born and bred Canberran who has been affiliated with ANU since 1981 when he started his studies here.

In his role Stuart captures the essence of the University's spirit through his photos of ANU events and student and academic life.

Whilst at ANU Stuart started life as a Laboratory Technician in the basement of Chifley Library with Instructional Resources Unit.

He had a short stint at RSBS on secondment and then was moved to the AD Hope building under ANU Photography.

Photography then moved to the Chemistry building

and in the mid 2000’s transitioned to the digital age under Space Services in ITS with a further move to the Crisp building joining forces with Video Services.

In 2010 Stuart had the privilege of being the head photographer in Syria for an ANU led Archaeology team, returning before the civil war broke out and had an exhibition titled “Syria – A History Lost”.

His current role is with SCAPA .

Stuart is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, is a father to 5 children and two grandchildren.